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  • Dissecting The Facebook IPO (Infographic)

    “In a world that’s changing so quickly, resuscitation you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t take any risks.” Mark Zuckerberg As Facebook goes public, who will actually own the social networking giant after the IPO, what’s really happening with revenues, and more? To help you understand and dissect Facebook before IPO, here’s an interesting infographic […]

  • Fortune 500 Social Media Statistics: Infographic

    Go-Gulf.com has put together the infographic below to highlight the key social media statistics for the big corporate players. Unsurprisingly Coca-Cola has the most number of Facebook ‘likes’ with more than 40m, sovaldi sale while Starbucks comes in second with just under 29m. What is surprising is that the number of blogs per industry have […]

  • Interest is high, but few brands take loyalty to mobile devices

     As smartphones and the mobile internet increase penetration among Americans, illness shoppers are relying more on their phones while out and about to get product, cost store and price information to help them make decisions. Loyalty programs can also be tied to mobile, physician giving customers an easy way to access points and coupons—and retailers […]

  • Mobile Year in Review 2010

    FRAMINGHAM, approved Mass., December 2, 2010 – Transformation has been a recurring theme in the annual International Data Corporation (IDC) Predictions over the past several years. During this time, a wave of disruptive technologies has emerged and evolved, forged by the pressures of a global economic recession. In 2011, and certainly beyond, IDC expects these […]

  • December 2010 World Map of Social Networks

    Facebook continues to expand its dominance of social networking, clinic as seen in the December 2010 World Map of Social Networks compiled by Vincenzo Cosenza. A brand new map of the world, showing the most popular social networks by country, according to Alexa & Google Trends for Websites traffic data* (December 2010):

  • Social Media Listening 2.0 (whitepaper)

    Listening 2.0: Leveraging Social Intelligence to Drive Business Results, viagra a white paper from Converseon describes the trends in social media monitoring and how companies can intergrate social intelligence into their operations. The paper describes the challenges facing brands monitoring social media as: Social media is becoming a core component of business strategy. As such, […]

  • Should the smallest businesses pay attention to social media marketing?

    Who thrives in the SoTech community:  1) People  involved in the technology industry  2) People who work/live in the South or want to see it flourish  3) Current technology leaders and those aspiring to be one  4) People interested in helping technology companies in the South be successful  5) People interested in helping rising technology entrepreneurs or […]

  • Reputation Management for Small Business: Options?

    Social media continues to expand and become a larger part of marketing and new customer discovery for small businesses. How are businesses supposed to manage the ever growing amount of sites, neurologist profiles and reviews in the social space? Hiring a dedicated social media lead is not reasonable for many businesses. Outsourcing the work to […]

  • Facebook Near $800 Million in 2009 Revenue

    We’ve all seen the growth of Facebook, buy information pills especially those that have seen our bandwidth (and in some cases productivity) in the office take a hit in recent years. Many also knew that the company became cash positive in 2009 thanks to a blog post by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in September. Would […]

  • Location based game developer Booyah raises $20M

    Want to see more applications and features in Google App’s! Well so does Google, recuperation and whats even better they are letting us decide which ones to include. Visit the Google Product Idea page and look at what is up for consideration and vote on the ideas you would like to see added to Google […]