Location based game developer Booyah raises $20M

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Intuit will acquire Medfusion for $91 million in cash, treatment
to expand its software-as-a-service offering.

Medfusion, pills based in Cary, pill
North Carolina, has historically focused on patient-provider communication solutions and works with more than 30,000 healthcare providers. Many of these providers are small businesses, which should allow for an easy bundling option with Intuit’s other product offerings including Quicken Health.
Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) 2010 Startup Showcase expected to draw more than 1, illness
000 business leaders, order
investors, noun
university staff and entrepreneurs. 

ATDC has a strong history of incubating new ventures in Georgia, with more than 100 companies graduating in the past, and this year is no different. The 2010 ATDC companies graduating from the incubator include: CommerceV3, Endgame Systems, Izenda and Purewire.


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Many people think of video games as “kids stuff”. They do not realize the true size of the market and opportunity across all age levels. How big do you think total revenues for the video game industry in the U.S. is annually?

Newzoo, rx
a Dutch research firm, estimates that 183.5 million gamers spent $25.29 billion in the US last year according to their latest report. This matches with the estimates from NPD and others.


  • US: 183.5 million / $25.29 billion
  • UK: 31.3 million / £3.78 billion ($5.61 billion)
  • Germany: 35.5 million / €3.65 billion ($4.67 billion)
  • France: 25.4 million / €3.57 billion ($4.57 billion)
  • Netherlands: 9.3 million / €590 million ($754 million)
  • Belgium: 4.7 million / €570 million ($729 million)


  • Console (including handhelds): 60%
  • PC: 16%
  • Game portals: 11%
  • Massively multiplayer online: 8%
  • Mobile (incl. iPhone): 4% 

In many ways, new platforms such as the iPhone and iPad have lowered the barrier to entry for independent developers, while increasing the need to focus on marketing and community building. This provides a great opportunity for new and existing developers. There is also a growing need to integrate technology that is readily available in other industries.

Are their opportunities for your company in the gaming industry? There may be more possibilities for extending your technology into the industry than is evident at initial glance.

Read more about the report from NewZoo here.
Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu called Suniva, more about
based in Norcross, GA, “An American Success Story” during a recent visit to Georgia Institute of Technology.

He went on to say “With longstanding support from the Department of Energy, and under the direction of Dr. Ajeet Rohatgi , this Center at Georgia Tech has become a premier site for silicon PV research in the U.S.  The company that evolved from this work – Suniva – is an American success story.”

“America pioneered solar PV technology, and, as recently as the mid-1990s we had about 45 percent of the world market share, but we have let that lead slip away.  Today, we have only about 5 percent of the world market.  The U.S. needs to jump back into the clean energy race and play to win.  That is the work we have started with investments like the Recovery Act and companies like Suniva.   In fact, last year, Suniva exported more than 90 percent of its product to Asia and Europe.”

Read the entire statement on the White House blog.
Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. hit $5.9 billion for the first quarter of 2010, web
representing a 7.5 percent increase over the same period in 2009, according to the numbers released today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). This marks the highest first-quarter revenue level ever for the industry.

Read the full release here.
Location based games continue to be a favorite of the venture funding.

The company behind the location-based game MyTown, for sale
Booyah Inc., sales
recently closed a $20 million round of financing led by Accel Partners, salve
with existing investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and DAG Ventures also participating in the round.

MyTown is a Monopoly-like game where players “buy” real-life properties and “rent” them to others in exchange for points. With 2 million current users, and 100,000 new users joining weekly, MyTown has many options at potential business models – game sales, data mining around consumer usage, advertising, etc.

In addition, Booyah added another prominent board member, Jim Breyer, to its board of directors. Jim Breyer sits on the board of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Dell, Brightcove, Facebook, Etsy, and Marvel Entertainment. 

While some new ventures are focused on only bringing “pedigree” board members/management teams onboard, Booyah and several other location based games/services are making a real effort to maintain a mix of established professionals and subject matter experts. This should give them a real advantage in the future.

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