Social Media Listening 2.0 (whitepaper)

Listening 2.0: Leveraging Social Intelligence to Drive Business Results, viagra a white paper from Converseon describes the trends in social media monitoring and how companies can intergrate social intelligence into their operations.

The paper describes the challenges facing brands monitoring social media as:

Social media is becoming a core component of business strategy. As such, we are witnessing a rapid evolution from ad hoc and sponsored exploration to a desire for enterprise enablement, whereby social media and social intelligence become competitive advantages that enable critical business performance. For organizations who will participate in this evolution, four important areas must be addressed:

  • Determining how and where listening can significantly impact business outcomes and objectives.
  • Understanding how to manage the vast rivers of data, find meaningful insights, and support business processes and use cases — for today and tomorrow.
  • Determining what should be automated and the role that people need to play; and determining the balance of internal versus external resources and capabilities.
  • Creating frameworks to infuse social intelligence into the far reaches of the organization and ensuring timely action with a systematic, best-practice approach that includes performance measurement based on impact to the business.
  • Converseon provides an overview of a new generation of listening solutions — it calls them Listening 2.0 — that is evolving to help meet these challenges and supersede current monitoring solutions. The company sees these new solutions providing deeper intelligence that aligns with business goals, addresses the challenges above and helps social media and social intelligence flourish across organizations.

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Press release:

New Social Media Listening Solutions Emerging To Solve Business Challenges
“Listening 2.0” Outlines Specific Steps Companies Can Take To Leverage the Social Media Conversation

Converseon, the international, full service social media consultancy, today released “Listening 2.0: Leveraging Social Intelligence to Drive Business Results,” a white paper describing the evolution of social media monitoring and how companies can find business value and drive success by infusing social intelligence into their operations.

The white paper explains the trends behind the evolution from Listening 1.0 to Listening 2.0 and outlines the benefits of Listening 2.0 solutions for companies. It examines the role of listening in the enterprise and outlines actions companies can take to achieve business outcomes through social media monitoring and engagement.

“We believe that 2010 – 2011 marks the beginning of adoption and enablement of social media listening across the enterprise, creating the true ‘listening organization,’” said Rob Key, founder and CEO of Converseon. “Listening 2.0 outlines specific ways in which companies can infuse social intelligence into the far reaches of their organizations to drive business success.”

After describing the characteristics of Listening 2.0 – including deep intelligence based on human analysis, custom metrics based on specific business use cases, comprehensive data including the Twitter Firehose, ethical listening practices and integrated analytics to better inform real business decisions – the white paper addresses specific challenges posed by companies to social intelligence providers.

According to Key, these are:

  1. How can social intelligence move the business? 
  2. How to answer questions beyond what are people saying about the business right now? 
  3. What is the balance between internal and external capabilities and resources? 
  4. How to choose a solution for today and tomorrow? 
  5. How to organize and infuse social intelligence into the far reaches of the organization so that companies can take timely action with maximum impact?

According to Key, Listening 2.0 helps address these challenges by creating a social media and intelligence framework tied to a business’s key performance indicators and shared throughout the enterprise.

“Social intelligence is rapidly becoming the platform for business process redesign,” said Key. “Listening 2.0 helps address this challenge by helping to create a single social media and intelligence performance framework.”

Listening 2.0 is available for download on Converseon’s web site at Converseon was recognized as a leader in the recent independent report “The Forrester Waveâ„¢: Listening Platforms, Q3 2010,”Forrester Research, Inc., July 12, 2010.

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