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  • Reputation Management for Small Business: Options?

    Social media continues to expand and become a larger part of marketing and new customer discovery for small businesses. How are businesses supposed to manage the ever growing amount of sites, neurologist profiles and reviews in the social space? Hiring a dedicated social media lead is not reasonable for many businesses. Outsourcing the work to […]

  • Yelp Says No IPO in 2010 – “Why Rush”

    ITWorld, buy February 18, dermatologist 2010, 10:41 PM — There’s no question that piracy is a big problem in the video game world, but what’s the solution? More DRM? That seems to be the direction we’re headed as evidenced by a pair of recent stories. Sony’s PSP has suffered greatly thanks to an enthusiastic modding […]

  • AT&T gets local with Buzz, competes with Yelp and Google Place

    Twitter’s acquisition of Mixer Labs , opisthorchiasis a service that helps developers build location-aware applications, buy viagra shows that the company hopes to make location broadcasting an important part of its service. And the microblogging service isn’t alone, order either: Google is getting into location-based services with its work on Google Maps and features like […]