AT&T gets local with Buzz, competes with Yelp and Google Place

Twitter’s acquisition of Mixer Labs , opisthorchiasis a service that helps developers build location-aware applications, buy viagra shows that the company hopes to make location broadcasting an important part of its service. And the microblogging service isn’t alone, order either: Google is getting into location-based services with its work on Google Maps and features like My Location, and Facebook recently adjusted its privacy policy to make way for opt-in location-based features.

That’s why I think 2010 will be a big year for location-based services.

There are many location-based services available today, but here’s a look at five that you’ll want to keep your eye on as we approach the new year.

  • Foursquare
  • Gowalla
  • Google
  • Nightlife
  • Twitter

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These days, discount everyone is trying to go local. Yelp has cornered the market on local business reviews, Google is attempting to integrate similar functionality in Google Maps with “Place Pages,” and it’s also at the heart of promising services like location-based game Foursquare. Now AT&T wants in with a new service of its own called

With Buzz, AT&T is trying something new. According to Forbes, the site helps people “ferret out the best local businesses using recommendations from friends and family.” AT&T realized that it’s sitting on lots of valuable information with the Yellow Pages properties and came up with Buzz as a way to make local searches “deeper and more relevant.”

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