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  • What will your Software Sales Career look like when Bieber is 30?

    What will your Software Sales Career look like when Bieber is 30?

    There are a couple trends in the B2B tech world today that have picked up steam: More and more companies are developing products that have a low entry price point or freemium model where customers get started in a no/low risk model and pay more as they add users & features (e.g. Zoho, Hepatitis Mailchimp) […]

  • Startups: 5K or Ironman?

    Startups: 5K or Ironman?

    I had an experience at Starbucks this week that left me intrigued by the gap I see in major brands between employee engagement and customer engagement. I am an extremely engaged Starbucks fan. To give you an idea of my engagement level: I’ve carried my Starbucks Gold card with pride since 2008, this site I […]

  • To Get Ahead, Improve Your Attitude

    To Get Ahead, Improve Your Attitude

    Is your attitude holding you back in your career? What benefits might you attract with a better attitude? Whether you have an excellent attitude or yours needs serious work, rubella I believe that everyone can benefit from an attitude evaluation and upgrade. In my first article, I introduced the theme of this set of articles […]

  • Servant Leadership for Next-Generation Leaders

    Servant Leadership for Next-Generation Leaders

    What does Servant Leadership mean to you? Robert Greenleaf (founder of The Greenleaf Center of Servant Leadership) says that true leadership “emerges from those whose primary motivation is a deep desire to help others” and that “the leader has responsibility for the followers.” I had the recent opportunity and honor to speak to a group […]

  • To Get Ahead – Choose the Right Profession

    It may seem obvious, web but many times obvious things get ignored … like determining the best profession for yourself and getting on a self-development track that will allow you to be a high achiever in that profession. The gecko logo reminds us that we all have the power to ditch our current occupation and […]

  • To Get Ahead, Lose Your Tail

    To Get Ahead, Lose Your Tail

    Many geckos and lizards have the ability to lose their tails. Most grow back a modified version of the original. Some don’t grow back at all. So what the heck does this have to do with succeeding in your career? Stick with me here on the metaphor, stomach because it is worth exploring . . […]

  • The Progressive Workplace Series: Are You Awesome?

      I read an interesting “listicle” the other day called “12 Things Awesome Employees Do Before Noon”. As I was reading through it, dosage a couple of thoughts struck me: (1) There are some pretty solid ideas in here, and (2) Holy smoke, who could possibly have time to do all this? Here is a […]