To Get Ahead, Improve Your Attitude

SoTech Is your attitude holding you back in your career? What benefits might you attract with a better attitude?

Whether you have an excellent attitude or yours needs serious work, rubella
I believe that everyone can benefit from an attitude evaluation and upgrade. In my first article, I introduced the theme of this set of articles designed to help you in your career:

Jettisoning excess baggage and evolving to a better place is a great strategy for success

Many geckos and lizards are able to shed their tails as a survival mechanism. The would-be aggressor is left “holding the tail”, while the gecko escapes to grow a new tail that can be even better than the old one. Your attitude, no matter how good, can be improved by jettisoning components that no longer serve you.

In corporate careering, your attitude is important in landing a better job, keeping that job and being proactively prepared to change jobs/professions/industries when desired. Attitude has the same importance in deciding to choosing to start (or end) an entrepreneurial venture. Individuals with strong positive attitudes are perceived positively and tend to succeed faster. Those with weak or negative attitudes may find that, despite their great professional qualifications and best efforts, career successes come slowly.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

 I believe in the mottos “Attitude is everything” and “Your attitude is always showing.” Proper attitudes form the foundation upon which you can build the career and life you desire. Many (if not all) of our adult life circumstances are the direct result of our cumulative attitudes, beliefs, and actions. It is my hope that this article will motivate you to honestly examine your attitudes and apply the ideas I offer to continuously propel yourself to the successes you desire.

What are the potential rewards of a better attitude? If you display a more positive attitude, professional networking contacts are more likely to assist you and decision makers are more likely hire you or invest in your entrepreneurial ventures.

Perhaps at this point you are starting to think I am intending to tell you what you already know and leave you with sappy slogans. This, I know, would be a dangerous course of action when addressing the members of So.Tech. I know you want actionable information that you can use to improve your career situation.

So, what steps can you take to improve you career and quality of life by improving your attitude? Check out this link to a Success Exercise I have created to provide specific actions to consider. Be honest with yourself and this exercise could be just what you need to upgrade your attitude and career results. Good luck and best wishes for your career success.