To Get Ahead, Lose Your Tail


Many geckos and lizards have the ability to lose their tails. Most grow back a modified version of the original. Some don’t grow back at all. So what the heck does this have to do with succeeding in your career?

Stick with me here on the metaphor, stomach because it is worth exploring . . .

Jettisoning excess baggage and evolving to a better place – that will be the topic for this and future Gecko Careers™ articles, there all designed to help you get ahead as a member of our  So.Tech community.

It is fairly common for a person’s beliefs about what they can and cannot accomplish to limit their ability to achieve the career happiness and financial success they desire. To paraphrase a Yogi Berra saying, “Career success is 90% mental and the other half is all in your head.” By examining the concept of self-limiting beliefs and acting on ideas for overcoming them, you will be better prepared to take your career to new heights.

Many of us need to jettison our “tail” of negative beliefs that follows us around. Self-doubt can be a dream killer that holds us back from trying something new – a new business venture, a new profession, a new personal relationship or a new job. The classic question related to this general topic is

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”   Robert Schuller

This question is worth considering, because your answers can provide insights toward jettisoning old beliefs – most of which are false – that are preventing you from living the life you desire. And while eliminating the negatives can be a great step forward, that’s not enough. You need to take the next step and replace the negatives with positive, self-affirming beliefs and goals.

As Jack Canfield said on page 243 of his highly recommended book The Success Principles (2005):

“Moving beyond your limiting beliefs is a critical first step toward becoming successful. You can learn how to identify those beliefs that are limiting you and then replace them with positive ones that support your success.”

So, how do you identify negative, potentially career-limiting beliefs? Check out this link to a Success Exercise from my book that I created to guide you through this process. Be honest with yourself and this exercise could be just what you need to identify and jettison that “tail” of negative beliefs that has been following you around.

In addition, the other links I have provided will take you to inspirational and humorous quotes as well as practical advice. We all can use these from time to time. Good luck and best wishes for your career success.