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Will U.S. customers pay more for no-contract, 3G-embedded devices?

Subsidy or no subsidy? That’s the question that wireless execs — not to mention customers — are facing when it comes to

Apple publishes guidelines for app approval

Apple released guidelines for determining what programs can be sold on its App Store, after more than two years of complaints from developers

Dell Streak… I Got Mine!

I was able to get my hands on a Dell Streak on Friday and have been playing with it

Cisco… the latest tablet vendor???

Rumors that have been running around Silicon Valley the past few months that Cisco Systems Inc. plans to sell a tablet computer. On

My Dreams of the iPhone Home Automation Application….

Okay! I know we have all seen the commercial on TV with the couple on vacation who use their iPhone to make sure

US Apple iPad launch slightly delayed to April 3

NEW YORK (AP) — The much-anticipated iPad tablet computer from Apple Inc. will start hitting U.S. store shelves on April 3, slightly later

CNET Co-Founder Starts AppFund for iPad Developers

CNET and E Online co-founder Kevin Wendle and MusicNation co-founder Daniel Klaus have started AppFund to fund developers that