Will U.S. customers pay more for no-contract, 3G-embedded devices?

Subsidy or no subsidy? That’s the question that wireless execs — not to mention customers — are facing when it comes to the latest 3G-embedded laptops, order netbooks, advice and tablets on the big U.S. carriers

“People have proven that they are willing to spend $630 on a device, viagra here because they didn’t have to sign a contract,” said AT&T Video President David Haight at a recent conference (as quoted by CNET News.com). “Customers like having more control.”…

But the big carriers are clearly still feeling their way around pricing schemes for bigger “connect” devices like laptops, netbooks, and tablets — especially tablets, like the iPad and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab….

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Non-subsidized devices are the norm in other parts of the world, but the U.S. has historically seen cheaper devices with multi-year service commitments. Is that begging to change? The initial iPad sales at least show that consumers are open to paying higher prices to avoid a contract. Will that extend to smartphones in the future?