Sideqik and Insightpool are growing Atlanta’s digital marketing hub

Atlanta Business RadioAtlanta has long been known as a hub for information security, search financial and health care technology, but what’s next? AirWatch raising $200 million to help enterprises manage mobile devices is only part of the story of what’s coming in the next wave. Atlanta has become a powerhouse  hub of digital marketing technology with three big exits in the past year alone:

Recently, Atlanta Business Radio hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton interviewed Kurt Uhlir, founder and CEO at Sideqik and Adam Wexler, founder and Chief Evangelist Officer at Insightpool about what’s next and how they’re changing the day to day lives of marketers.

Listen to the full interview below:

Sideqik allows businesses to leverage their brand and audience to reach new customers through marketing partnerships. Businesses have run cross-promotions for years. They’re highly effective but challenging to launch. If these guys have figured out how to reduce the time to launch these partnerships, they could have huge growth potential.

Up next in the interview was Insightpool. Insightpool brings a platform for social marketing automation. Imagine a marketer being able to systematically tailor personalized social messages to potential customers with highly relevant content. Among other things, they believe that the Twitter inbox could be a bigger business than twitter advertising.

There’s lot of cool technology happening across the South, and these companies look like they’re equipped to lead the next wave of digital marketing successes in Atlanta. What else do you think we’ll see in the next evolution of digital marketing? What other companies should we be looking at?

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