Firday Blurbs….. April 23rd

Can’t get a date, global burden of disease Get an iPhone – According to a recent survey conducted in the UK, case 54 per cent of the ladies asked, said they’d be more likely to give their digits and date an iPhone owner than a non-iPhone owner. iPhone owners were also deemed better groomed, more likely to have a good sense of humor and have the gift of gab than other mobile phone owners.  Apparently, not only does an iPhone make your hair look better, but owning one may be taken as a sign of computer savvy. “There’s just something about a man who’s good with computers that makes him more trustworthy,” said Lucy, a 23-year-old primary school teacher from London, in the press release. “If he’s got the cash for an iPhone then he must be very good at his job, too.”  The 46% of women who are not swayed by iPhone owners may be smarter: the pollsters note that women may misjudge iPhone owners’ flash for cash: another study reportedly showed that Apple-toting mobile users have less disposable income than others, about £3,750 per year or about $5,700.

I’d Like to have a slice of this Apple – Apple’s market cap hit $242 billion Thursday, making it the second-largest company on the S&P 500 and pushing it ahead of Microsoft, which finished the day with a $239 billion market cap.

Not Really a People PersonThe Mirror, a UK based newspaper reports that a  foul-mouthed family doctor drove 800 patients away in just four years.  Dr Henry Hart – described as a Jekyll and Hyde character by an ex-employee – was so rude that staff had to apologise to shocked visitors. He reduced a girl of eight to tears and hurled abuse at his colleagues.  And he is said to have told a blacksmith with back pain: “That’s your problem. Change your job.” Dr Hart, 45, would stare at his computer rather than look at his patients and routinely belittled the surgery’s other staff, the General Medical Council disciplinary hearing heard. It is also alleged he allowed his wife Carole, who was working as a practice manager there, to act aggressively towards the other employees.  He was accused of searching other GPs’ offices at the Bayside practice in Ulverston, Cumbria, while changing the locks on his own office for fear they would do the same thing. One nurse’s access to computer medical records was restricted after she questioned him about altering other GPs’ patients’ notes, while another was asked if she was “stupid” when she asked him for advice, it was claimed.  Dr Hart yesterday faced a string of disciplinary offences over his four years as principal GP at the surgery, during which time 800 of the 4,000 patients were said to have moved to other practices. Sharon Beattie, representing the GMC, told the hearing in Manchester: “Dr Hart’s conduct during that period, unfortunately, was repeatedly and consistently poor. Throughout that period, he was habitually rude and aggressive towards staff, professional colleagues and patients alike.” When a receptionist asked him to see a temporary patient, the hearing was told he replied: “F***ing hell, I’m not seeing a patient. They’re too late. They’ll have to go to hospital.”  An ex-employee described Dr Hart as being “something of a Jekyll and Hyde in relation to his behaviour”. Miss Beattie added: “That behaviour included changing the locks on the doors of the practice, and the reason he gave was that he didn’t trust the other GPs.”  He denies 33 counts of unprofessional behaviour.

We lost a Super Friend-  The Flash never gets any respect I swear!!!

If Apple can kill of the Flash – Now this is something that I find really interesting. We all know and love Google Chrome/Chromium (and if you don’t, you’re demonstrably wrong), but Google recently made a change in the developer version that ruffled some feathers: the URL field will no longer show the “http://”.  The reason behind this change is obvious: the URL scheme bears little meaning to most people using a browser – they know it’s there and how to type it, but it doesn’t indicate anything to them. I guess it is irrelevant like the Flash!