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  • What You Need to Know About Mobile Payment Devices

    What You Need to Know About Mobile Payment Devices

    SoTech Leaders Q&A on Mobile Payment Devices with Jason Swenk of Payscape Advisors SoTech: All the tech magazines have been talking about NFC coming for a few years. For those that don’t know what it is, for sale what does NFC mean and when will we really see it adopted in the market? Jason:  NFC […]

  • GT Inovative Recuiting Advertisement!!

    I can say that I have always felt that the Southern United State has a number of stellar schools and that they need to be promoted more, web especially outside the region.  Well while helping my oldest spawn look for a school, viagra we ran into this promotion for Georgia Tech. Take a look I think […]

  • Goverment entities finally start working together to promote wireless medical technology

    Congratulations to the team  Georgia Tech College of Computing graduate students who call themselves, mind the Georgia Tech Flatliners, troche the group finished first, valeologist second and third at the NHIN CONNECT Code-a-Thon Challenge, held April 28-29 at Florida International University in Miami.  The event challenged  teams to develop innovative and creative approaches for presenting […]

  • New Louisiana State Health Secretary

    Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office said Friday that Bruce Greenstein will replace Alan Levine, more info who has resigned from his post as the Louisiana State Health Secretary, global burden of disease and is returning to the private sector. His last official day is Aug. 1. Greenstein is expected to start the new post Sept. 13.  […]

  • Firday Blurbs….. April 23rd

    Can’t get a date, global burden of disease Get an iPhone – According to a recent survey conducted in the UK, case 54 per cent of the ladies asked, said they’d be more likely to give their digits and date an iPhone owner than a non-iPhone owner. iPhone owners were also deemed better groomed, more […]

  • Launched Today on Drupal

    Signaling the most aggressive open data push in the international development community to date, diagnosis World Bank President Robert Zoellick launched this morning ahead of the organization’s spring meeting. All of the World Bank’s 2,000+ data indicators are now open and freely available to the public. This new website is the browser for some […]

  • Father of Java departs Sun / Oracle

    We understand that the father of JAVA, rubella James Gosling announced  he is leaving Sun, rubella now part of Oracle. No formal announcement was made about his future plans.  Regardless, it’s sad news for Sun. In the words of John Gruber, “the Sun we knew is gone.”

  • Southern Mississippi Researchers learning how to evacuate 70,000 sports fans in less than an hour?

    What sports fan hasn’t grumbled while waiting in a long, look snaking lines to get into the stadium for the big game? It’s enough to discourage even a diehard fan. But if you think it’s a hassle getting into a sold-out game, information pills imagine trying to get out after a bomb explodes—or even to […]

  • Alabama – Find Out What Many Already Know!

    I would like to bring to everyone’s attention a series of articles and videos from Anderson Cooper’s 360 Blog.  These postings from the week of March 17th are very positive and really paint a great image of Alabama and what is going on within the region economically. Aside from the stereotyping done in one of […]

  • Mercer MBA Programs Make ‘Top 15’ Lists

    MACON/ATLANTA — Reviews by Master of Business Administration students at Mercer University’s Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics place the program among the top 15 in the nation in two categories of The Princeton Review’s “Student Opinion Honors for Business Schools.” The MBA students cited Mercer’s preparation as superior in the categories of […]