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The Southern Technology Leaders Executive Team:

Kurt B. Uhlir (LinkedIn) – Chairman and Founder: Kurt is a founder and investor in a number of companies via Ethereal Innovations, about it with exits at Vitrue & Navteq to Nokia & Oracle; 10+ U.S. and international patents, including fundamental patents covering check-in services and major parts of mobile advertising; part of dozens of acquisitions and significant international on the ground experienceKurt has lead umbrella teams within and working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and startups to define corporate strategy, drive M&A activities and develop new technologies in a variety of industries. While he has spent 15+ years working with companies on six continents, the South is home.
  Kristen H. Rachels (LinkedIn) – Vice President: Kristen was brought onboard to relaunch SoTech and lead the organization’s innovation efforts across the South. She is a marketing & creative entrepreneur specializing in the technology & startup space. Fueled by her insane passion for creating engaging product and human experiences, Kristen has launched successful endeavors in the fashion, media, sports, hospitality, music, gaming, and industrial sectors.
Martin Swinney (LinkedIn) – Audience Advisor: Martin has more than 20 years progressive technology leadership experience across multiple industries such as law enforcement, military, telecommunications, market research, publishing, consulting, and healthcare. During his career, he has worked on numerous global projects, primarily in Asia and Europe, and led a number of diverse technology teams. During the course of his career and travels, Martin has come to see the South as an underutilized economic engine with a well-educated workforce and reasonable labor and resource costs that has a strong business friendly government.




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