Fast Company Announces Atlanta As The Next Technology Hub

It used to be, rx if you were serious about starting a tech company, you went to Silicon Valley. But emerging entrepreneurial hubs around the country are giving startup aspirants options…

Not too long ago, about fifty years, Atlanta was the size of Little Rock, Ark. About a hundred years before that, it was burned to the ground. Atlanta has proven it can grow (adding 1.1 million residents in the last decade alone). Now, it’s building toward a sort of tech hub in the southeast, against a backdrop that includes the busiest international airport in the world; a healthy cluster of corporate giants in Coca-Cola, UPS, Delta and The Home Depot, among others; and a spur of entrepreneurial activity that put Atlanta in the top ten on this year’s Kauffman Entrepreneurial Index, which tracks new business creation… 

What makes Atlanta great for startups?

Any startup community needs three great things. It needs leadership. It needs world class universities where intellectual property is being developed, and then it needs a ready and able workforce. Atlanta has all three of those things…

What types of startups do well in Atlanta?

Does Atlanta breed or attracts entrepreneurs?

What’s happening in the ecosystem that makes it sustainable?

What kind of exits do you anticipate out of Atlanta?

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We couldn’t agree more. Atlanta is a great city for technology growth. There is a diverse talent pool, funding is available for the right opportunities and community has a growing culture of innovation. It is also relatively close to other major talent and growth cities, such as Birmingham, Huntsville, Nashville and Charlotte.