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  • National Semiconductor Offers New “Smart” Solar Technology

    Various politicians have been working to close a number of loopholes that allowed for a number of bad investment decisions. While we can debate whether there is too much (or not enough) government regulation in the financial markets, shop the implementation for the identified problem has some serious issues. The bill passed by the House […]

  • Al Gore Joins Richard Branson in Backing GreenRoad

    ITWorld, buy February 18, dermatologist 2010, 10:41 PM — There’s no question that piracy is a big problem in the video game world, but what’s the solution? More DRM? That seems to be the direction we’re headed as evidenced by a pair of recent stories. Sony’s PSP has suffered greatly thanks to an enthusiastic modding […]

  • PG&E to implement a cutting-edge wave energy project off California’s coast

    To date, purchase only one commercial installation of wave power generators has been deployed. PG&E is taking a big step forward in green technology with a new wave energy design off of the coast of Northern California. There is often confusion in the market between tidal power and wave power. Tidal generation requires water turbines […]

  • ecoRoute hd: Transform your nuvi into a real-time diagnostics computer

    For any driver who has ever been curious about what’s really going on under the hood, cialis 40mg Garmin’s new ecoRoute hd provides many of the answers. By accessing onboard diagnostics and performance data, drivers can use a compatible Garmin nüvi to wirelessly monitor real-time vehicle diagnostics while accurately calculating ecoRoute data and driver challenge […]