Passport Creates Patient Access Suite

New iPad App Utilizes Interactive Video to Enhance Patient Experience at Point of Care and Beyond

BOISE, visit this site Idaho, melanoma April 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Unity Medical, information pills Inc. a premier provider of digital health tools that enhance the patient experience today announced that two pioneering hospital systems will pilot the company’s new Medical Video jLogâ„¢ for the Apple iPadâ„¢, an innovative application that utilizes short form interactive video to explain common medical procedures such as CT scans, cardiac stent placements, and physical rehabilitation treatment.  Florida Hospital for Children at Walt Disney Pavilion in Orlando and St. Luke’s Health System in Boise, Idaho will pilot customized versions of the jLog app starting Monday, April 5.

“At Florida Hospital, we are continuously seeking new ways to enhance patient engagement and ultimately patient outcomes.  Technology is a critical part of that mix,” said Marla Silliman, administrator of Florida Hospital for Children.  “This application will support our patient resource specialists in ensuring that children and their parents understand and feel comfortable with important medical procedures and mitigate any potential fears or concerns they may have.”

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Care® Suite Comprises Patient Verification, medical
Compliance and Patient Payments

. – Passport, a leading provider of Patient Access software and solutions, announces the launch of a Suite for hospitals and health care organizations to improve workflow and increase revenue. The new eCare® Patient Access Suite provides a complete set of solutions and services that can be used to verify patient information, address compliance and manage patient payments – all in advance of service.

“The concentration of a well-managed health care revenue cycle should be on the front end, beginning with the first patient encounter. Our Suite gives hospitals a complete solution that flows all Patient Access activities through one work center so they can determine eligibility and coverage discovery, identify and collect best payment and monitor accuracy for every patient visit,” said Scott MacKenzie, CEO of Passport Health Communications Inc.

Industry research and analysis confirms that Patient Access is the most critical component of the revenue cycle. Passport created the eCare® Patient Access Suite to help hospitals prevent problems that often surface after a patient is treated in the form of lost revenue.

Services and solutions within the Suite include insurance eligibility verification, address verification, registration quality assurance (RQA), physician order screening (OrderCheckerâ„¢), patient payment estimation (PPE), eCashiering for patient payment collections and more.

All solutions in the Suite are developed, owned and implemented by Passport. The Suite is powerful enough to perform all Patient Access activities yet flexible enough to be delivered via Web-based, batch and integrated software, depending on a hospital or system’s unique needs.

IntelliSource is Passport’s premier integrated solution and automatically operates on business rules defined by a hospital or system. IntelliSource is capable of delivering the entire suite to improve the accuracy and efficiency of front end operations without compromising a facility’s unique workflow.

The eCare® Patient Access Suite is the entire patient access process delivered through one solution from one organization. It enables hospitals and health care organizations to know patients, protect reimbursements and collect payments prior to clinical service. Benefits include reduced user error, reduced claim denials and bad debt write-offs, increased staff productivity, increased front end collections, improved patient satisfaction and much more.

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