Coming Soon to a Screen near You: PGi Reinvents Collaboration with iMeet

ATLANTA, this web Jul 22, 2010  — As any business person who spends a lot of time on conference calls knows, remote meetings can be frustrating and inefficient. Amid the chorus of “Who joined? … Did someone just join? … Are we all here?” participants struggle to make conference calls productive in their increasingly packed schedules.

Premiere Global Services, Inc., a global meetings expert, today announced that it is inviting members of the public to participate in an expanded beta test of iMeet, its proprietary new meeting application designed to take the pain out of getting together online.

Technology visionary Boland T. Jones, PGi founder, chairman and CEO, had a simple mission: Make meetings more enjoyable, and in turn, make them more productive.

“With iMeet, we started from scratch — with a blank slate and a radically ambitious goal of changing the way companies do business by improving the way they meet and collaborate,” said Jones. “We painstakingly designed every step of the iMeet experience to alleviate users’ common frustrations with their remote, virtual meetings. The result is that iMeet gives people a more natural and intuitive way to connect that maximizes engagement, minimizes distractions and promotes productivity.”

iMeet gives users their own personal meeting room online, where they can get together any time, whether one-to-one or in a group setting. iMeet has a refreshingly simple and elegant design and a visually rich interface that enables everyone to see who is in the meeting.

“iMeet puts people, not technology, front-and-center. It delivers a unique, personal experience that we think will result in better, more enjoyable and more impactful meetings,” said Jones.

Designed by real people for real people, iMeet advocates personal choice: Users get their own web address and a meeting room they can personalize; they can use their webcam or profile photo, or choose between talking on their telephone or through their computer’s connection; users can share photos, bios and contact information so others can get to know them better, and easily show and share videos and documents; and they can connect with one another in today’s most popular social networks without ever leaving their iMeet room.

Having combined the best parts of video, web conferencing and social networking, iMeet is tailor-made for today’s collaborative worker that spends nearly 20 percent of their average day in meetings. iMeet is a browser-based application that requires no downloads, making it easy for any business or individual to use. It is the first application to be deployed on PGi’s next-generation collaboration platform.

Individuals interested in participating in the expanded iMeet beta can sign-up for consideration at

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