Chattanooga Based Company has the Technology to run the Railroad!!

We understand that the father of JAVA, rubella James Gosling announced  he is leaving Sun, rubella now part of Oracle. No formal announcement was made about his future plans.  Regardless, it’s sad news for Sun. In the words of John Gruber, “the Sun we knew is gone.”
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generally people don’t think about railroads and their related infrastructure.  Most times the first thing that comes to mind, treatment
for me at least is the old steam engine from the 60’s TV show “Petticoat Junction”, alright so I am ancient! However, I am telling you that you need to change that mind set. Just take a look at Southern Technologies Corporation, this Chattanooga TN based company has been a leader is railroad infrastructure technology for more than 40 years.

During that time the company has focused on the design, manufacture and support of the wayside information systems. Systems that are very critical reducing operating costs and improving safety for today’s modern railroads. To top it off Southern Technologies Corporation, is not just a regional player, or even just a national player. Southern Technologies Corporation has it’s products and services deployed all over the world, from Australia to Europe; Africa to South America along with a number of other places and environments such as the frozen North of Alaska to the Dessert Outback of Australia.

Some of the products focus on Defect Detection, that provide integrated Automatic Equipment Identification to allow reliable central reporting and analysis of bearing and wheel temperature data as it relates to individual vehicles. Aside from monitoring the physical elements of the train and the cars, Southern Technologies Corporation has a Wayside Condition Reporting System. These systems can identify dangerous conditions along the right of way that can cause train delays and derailments, such as Landslides, High water that might be covering the tracks; Bridge misalignment or broken rails.

When you consider the critical of our national rail systems and impact it has upon our economy, it is surprising that companies such as Southern Technologies Corporation are not more widely known. Maybe if they had an iPhone app or started twittering more……