Video Demo of VisioGlobe 3D Navigation on the iPhone

These videos give a short overview of NAVTEQ, ed
new spatial content and the location based services.

Have you thought about how the map and spatial content for navigation devices and location based services is collected? Do you know what company provides the services behind the leading brands on the market (e.g. BMW, Oncology
Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Ford, Garmin, magellan, Navigon, Nokia, Motorola, Mapqquest, Telenav, Yahoo, Autodesk, Microsoft, Discrete Wireless, Intergraph, Qualcomm, Rand McNally, Alpine, SiemensVDO, JVC,, etc.)? Want to see what new content is and will be available?

“Founded in 1985 in Silicon Valley, California, NAVTEQ has a unique and eventful history rooted in technology, geography, hands-on research, and an infectious entrepreneurial spirit. From the beginning, we were focused on capturing the reality of the road network to enable dynamic turn-by-turn routing. NAVTEQ began by collecting detailed data for large metropolitan city areas. After Philips Electronics signed on as an early investor, the company grew strategically, establishing its first European office in 1991. The company’s significant growth led to the opening of offices in Yokohama, Japan in 1996. “

“NAVTEQ is headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA with approximately 4,400 employees worldwide. NAVTEQ is located in 192 offices in 43 countries around the world including regional headquarters in Veldhoven, Nethelands and Gateway East, Singapore and major global production centers in the USA, India and Eastern Europe.” NAVTEQ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia Corporation.


Here are a few video overviews of mobile and location based advertising. As an extra value, order
the 2nd video contains a 30 minute overview about how mobile impacts advertising presented by Andrew Grill, a leading mobile advertising evangelist, at Mobile Monday Amsterdam in 2009. Your mobile tells a whole lot about you, but the advertising industry has not yet tapped into the…

Video Demo of VisioGlobe 3D Navigation on the iPhone at Mobile World Congress 2010

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