Survey Finds Mobile Content Owners Struggled To Grow Revenues In 2009

Mobile Games Forum’s interviews an industry panel at MGF on their thoughts about 2009 and the trends we will see in 2010. Read more at the Mobile Entertainmen website.

The Mobile Entertainment Forum has conducted a survey of 100 people from 80 different U.S. companies to gauge how confident they are about the mobile content industry. While the survey mostly indicates signs of a recovery with 42 percent of respondents expecting revenues to grow by 28 percent last year, visit this
content owners and application developers were the least optimistic of the bunch

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The report summary continues as:

Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director added that: “The BCI demonstrates growing demand for paid-for mobile content. As with previous findings, 61% of revenues for the next quarter are projected to come from subscription and one off purchases. There is also consensus amongst respondents that applications will provide a substantial additional revenue source. Half of the revenue projected to come from applications in the next quarter will be from paid for apps.” Read the full BCI release on the Mobile Entertainment Forum.

What do you see as the largest growth opportunities for mobile content in 2010 and 2011?