Google helps you find a parking spot, maybe not!

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Over the years a number of companies have tried, noun
most unsuccessfully and so m e with limited success, to provide services that will help you locate a parking spot on the street.  Well, the folks at Google, you know the ones with access to all of our data, are now trying their hand at it.

The application has the original name of “Open Spot”, guess the creative guys were at lunch when the call for this name came in. Anyway, a number of tech journals out there seemed to be in awe of this little applet that runs on the Android. Personally, I am not very impressed. As I said, I have seen these types of apps come with a lot of fan fair and go with little success.
One of the big issues with this technology is that by the time the system has determined there is an opening, the system is updated and you refresh the app, someone has generally slipped in and snagged the spot. Another problem is in most cities, the use of a cell phone while driving is illegal and is generally unsafe. Personally, I think it is probably faster, and safer, to circle the block looking for something.
Now if they can take this and link it to parking garages and show me garages with space available, or on street handicap parking that might be interesting.  Another thing I can think of to help a few of my friends out would be restricted parking maps.  For people living in the city this would be great. Show me the time of day I can park in a certain area. where are the tow zones, or show me restricted or permit parking areas.  Or show me areas that are risky due to auto thefts, break ins, or other issues based upon historical data… this could be based upon police reports.
Develop applications that help me plan, rather than react, and I might be impressed!