Did Eric Schmidt Jump Or Was He Pushed?

Google’s Q4 2010 results look good, cheap but the big story is the stepping down of Eric Schmidt. Did Eric Schmidt Jump Or Was He Pushed? It sounds like a little of both.

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch interviewed Eric Schmidt, Larry Page And Sergey Brin about Eric’s leaving earlier today. Read the full article on TechCrunch.

Schmidt stressed that Larry is ready to take the CEO position because for the last decade he, Sergey and Schmidt made all important decisions together. “The only difference is that Larry will get the credit and attention,” said Schmidt, saying that Larry is more than ready for the job. And Schmidt will certainly still be around as executive chairman in case things slip.

Eric Schmidt’s statement on Google’s Official Blog: “We are confident that this focus will serve Google and our users well in the future. Larry, Sergey and I have worked exceptionally closely together for over a decade—and we anticipate working together for a long time to come.”

Ken Auletta’s article Why Is Eric Schmidt Stepping Down at Google? has another good take on the announcement.

What are your thoughts? Did Eric Schmidt Jump Or Was He Pushed?