Consumer Brands Reach New Audiences by Marketing Together

Consumer Brands Reach New Audiences by Marketing TogetherHow many times have you heard about a new company or product and wondered about the behind-the-scenes that brought it to your attention? If the marketing was done well, prescription the mention or reference may have been seamless. In reality, try there’s a marketer at the company that’s shaping the story and helping bring it to life. While pretty much everyone is familiar with advertising, chances are the tactics that brought the company to your attention were not taught in your intro to marketing class in college. More and more marketers are relying on marketing campaigns run with other marketers to reach their goals.

A few weeks ago, we heard Kurt Uhlir, serial entrepreneur and consumer expert, teaching a room full of marketers about the newest tactics for Together Marketing and how to market together with other brands. Uhlir started by saying, “Creating unique content isn’t enough. Your brand has to create purposeful content and be intentional about reaching your customers in the communities they’re already a part of.”.

This led to a discussion in the room of how marketers are reaching potential customers. Example after example came from marketers at Internet Retailer Top 500 companies, mid-sized ecommerce companies and consumer brands. The consistent top two strategies were 1) provide engaging content to your existing audience 2) market together with marketers that have similar audiences.

A quote from one of the slides summarized why these marketers are working together: “By partnering, you can reduce your overall costs in acquiring new customers for your business by leveraging the marketing that a partner brand is already doing to customers (your target audience).” – Ron Kunitzky, author and founder at Geyser Marketing Group.

  • Questions to consider when approaching your next Together Marketing campaign:
  • What audience am I trying to reach?
  • What are the strengths of the brands, affiliates or brand ambassadors in my network?
  • What are my/their goals for this campaign?
  • What resources do I have to coordinate this campaign?
  • How will I track the results of the campaign?