The Best Way to find that 2 Pound Killer Burito!!!

Let’s say you are out and about looking for  a great fish shack in Tallahassee FL that has the best cat fish around. Or a great Mexican restaurant in West Chicago IL, cheap   maybe a really great Po Boy Sandwich (with a side of pecan pie) in Mobile AL.  And once you find this place of culinary wet dreams you want to share it with your friends, purchase the food that is!  Well do we have a mobile application for you.  Foodspotting, is cool app for those who are constantly searching for new epicurean delights. Letting you search for dishes rather than restaurants. You can also find the highest rated food dishes in your area.

Foodspotting was founded in 2009 by Alexa Andrzejewski, and Ted Grubb. Foodspotting is a visual local guide that lets you find dishes instead of just restaurants. It’s powered by Foodspotters, who can share their food photos and expertise while building a rich collection of foods and where to find them.  Foodspotters earn recognition for sharing foods they love enabling food seekers to find whatever they’re craving and see what’s good wherever they go.