Mobile Devices Transform Shopping Process (Report)

Nielsen and Yahoo show that mobile devices are transforming the shopping process, hospital
according to a new report released within the past several months.

The wave of smartphone adoption and growing tsunami of tablets, combined with faster network speeds and better form factors (Please don’t get me started on some of the net books and clunky tablets that some companies, not to be named, have released.) are creating an ever growing commerce-oriented end-user base. The report shows that consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices while shopping and while watching TV.

  • “9 out of 10 mobile users have accessed mobile web while at a store, and approximately 50% of in‐store mobile web activity is related to shopping. 48% of in‐store mobile users take and/or send a picture of a product to a friend or family member.”
  • 57% of mobile internet users and 41%of non-mobile users intend to use their mobile phones for shopping research within the next 12 months.
  • “1 in 5 mobile shoppers who have seen ads during the shopping process say they always look at it. The key to being successful in mobile shopping advertising is to make sure the ads are informative. Consumers want mobile ads to include price, product features, and benefits.”
  • “86% of mobile Internet users (and 92% of 13‐24s) are using their mobile devices simultaneously with TV, presenting a compelling opportunity for content providers and advertisers alike to complement the viewing experience on the mobile platform.”
  • 41% of users use their phones for impulse buys.

Download the full report for free.