Google Wave….Bye Bye!

According to Google, pharmacist Google Wave will be saying adios in the next few months.  In a post filled with examples of Wave’s innovations and strengths, women’s health they acknowledge that the real-time messaging and collaboration tool hasn’t caught on the way they thought it would. However, the code and tools used for / by WAVE will remain open source, so if any of you can make it better… go to it.

To go along with that there has been a lot of chatter about what Google will dump next.  Right now the odds are that BUZZ will have a pillow put over it’s face next.  People have talked about it as a low value add, and is heavy on the noise since it’s launch.

Looking at WAVE’s demise and talk of other application taking a dirt nap, and  if you go back to July when Google announced the demise of the The Nexus One smart phone, which ended the company’s attempt to shake up the way wireless phones are distributed.  It makes one ponder a bigger question!  Is Google being stretched to thin, are it’s resources that once seemed limitless, hitting a wall? Is the talent at  Google at a point where they can’t figure out how to improve WAVE or make BUZZ more useful or are they just bored with them and have decided to move on.

In most organizations it would be considered solid business practice to kill off products that aren’t cutting it, but this is Google… they don’t do this. They aren’t like other companies, or are they!

Oh Well! NEXT!!!



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