Traditional Search + Banana Slug = Dis-associative Creativity

For those of you who do not know, decease Banana Slug is a search engine, rehabilitation and not your normal search engine. No Banana Slug is not like Google, Yahoo, Ask or any one of a number of other clone SE’s.  Banana Slug is a search engine that works with what  I call dis-associative creativity. Before I elaborate on the dis-associative creativity of Banana Slug let’s review the gold standard of search engines (my opinion only)… Google!

With Google you put a word or phrase in, and you get results back specific to your search. Quite often you get more results back that you can begin to imagine, let alone digest. But the thing about the results is that they are pretty standard and probably what you would expect. Now most of the time that is what you want.  But sometimes you need to get the creative juices flowing, sometimes you want to perceive randomness in your searches, sometimes you want to find the uncommon. Well that is where Banana Slug comes in.

Banana Slug, throws in a random word from a category of your choice and you get a whole new set of results. While your results match your search term,  by adding in a random word on each search you get something different every time! You can select from categories such as names, random numbers, slang and others. What I really like about Banana Slug is that it helps me think in alternative directions. You can take a topic and join it with a completely unassociated category and come up with some very unique results. Give it a try