Google Envelopes… Revenge of Snail Mail

U.S. Congress has tasked the U.S. Department of Transportation with developing fuel economy standards for large vehicles, view such as tractor-trailers, transit buses, and work trucks whose fuel consumption currently is not regulated. These types of vehicles consume more that 25% of the various types of fuel used within the United States.

In a report to be release on March 31st looking at various technologies and methods for reducing fuel consumption of heavy duty vehicles. The National Research Council, reviews fuel saving technologies and recommends approaches the federal government could take to regulating these vehicles’ fuel consumption.
The guys at Yanko Design came up with yet another way to use Google Maps in a pretty cool way that steps out of the virtual into the physical. According to Yanko Design… “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to map the course of mail …  They came up with Google Envelopes, seek
which can be sent through G-Mail itself.”

While it is still in development, sale
the idea is that the user can select an alternate path for delivering a mail message. Via e-mail or old fashion mail (for a small fee of course). What makes this novel and fun is that the envelope is a map showing the route your snail mail message took to get to you.