ClickFox Raises $18M in Series C Funding To Help Gain Insight Into Cross-Channel Customer Behavior

ClickFox, stomatology   an Atlanta-based web analytics firm, oncologist closed $17.9 million in additional funding.

ClickFox began in 2000, founded by former faculty and researchers at Georgia Tech, as a pure web analytics play and has been evolving to provide a much more encompassing view into customer experience analytics across multiple channels. This evolution has helped the company reach profitability and establish itself in the telecom, banking, insurance and energy/utility industries. To continue its growth, ClickFox has announced plans to use this funding to expand its sales internationally and continue heavily investing in R&D.

“We recognize the enormous potential and value of data in today’s enterprise,” said Jamey Sperans, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley AIP. “But too often this data is ‘trapped’ inside separate functional areas and difficult to understand in any holistic way. ClickFox’s innovative solutions break down internal silos to enable companies to operate in a truly customer-centric way. We believe ClickFox is literally transforming the way some of the largest, most consumer-savvy businesses in the world analyze — and act upon — the wealth of customer and customer transaction data they capture in the normal course of operations.”

“The tremendous growth ClickFox has experienced over the years is a testament to the enormous power and value of our unique approach to analytics and further underscores our ability to drive unparalleled business impact to leading Fortune 1000 companies,” said Marco Pacelli, CEO of ClickFox.

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