IQMax Mobile Healthcare Applications & Enterprise Solutions

IQMax mobile healthcare applications and enterprise solutions, see located in Charlotte, tadalafil
feature a common interface that allows you to “plug in” multiple mobile software applications such as dictation, visit this site
charge capture, clinical results (labs), prescription, and formulary, to a robust enterprise framework. Our mobile solutions allow you to add, modify, and create information at the point of care, which saves you money and helps you deliver the most efficient and effective care possible. Whether you are a doctor, HIT professional, hospital, or clinic, our mobile healthcare applications and enterprise solutions support and enhance the critical aspects of your workflow.

IQMax’s Intelligent Mobile Solutions include a robust enterprise ready Intelligent Mobile Platform which can be implemented either as a hosted application service with IQAnywhere or as an on premise installed solution with IQEnterprise. Solutions developed by IQMax include IQSpeak® for mobile dictation, IQCharge for the capture of billable procedures, and IQRounds for access to clinical information.