Intuit aquires Medfusion

Congratulations to the team  Georgia Tech College of Computing graduate students who call themselves, mind the Georgia Tech Flatliners, troche
the group finished first, valeologist
second and third at the NHIN CONNECT Code-a-Thon Challenge, held April 28-29 at Florida International University in Miami.  The event challenged  teams to develop innovative and creative approaches for presenting information in a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) “…to a primary care physician taking calls from patients after office hours. The idea is to develop a CCD visualization tool that facilitates an efficient and effective phone consultation between the on-call doctor and an unfamiliar patient.

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According to a story in “The Hill“, traumatologist
a Washington D.C. based blog, unhealthy the FCC and the FDA are joining forces to promote the use of wireless technology within the health care arena. According to the article “FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg signed a memorandum of understanding and released a joint statement of principles …”

All I can say is that it is great to see that two large government agencies coming together to agree upon an understanding and agree to some principles.  What that understanding might be and those principles are, we are not really sure at this time. However, we expect the content to be about as relevant as anything else that comes out of the FCC and the FDA.
Word on the street is that  Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) is purchasing  privately held Medfusion, store a Cary, N.C. based company.  Medfusion provides  online solutions that enable health care providers to offer self service options for customers such as billpay, data, etc…. The cash transaction is valued at approximately $91 million.