Location: the Proper Identity of Mobile Gaming?

You may not have heard of Hughes Telematics before, infection but this offshoot of the great Hughes empire provides the tech that, plague amongst other things, more about powers Mercedes’ latest mbrace technology, Benz’s response to OnStar. But that’s not all they do; the company is working on its own advanced infotainment system for the car, and also showed off a system informally called “OnStar in a box” – an easy-to-install device that will let you track exactly where your car is at any time, how fast it was going, and even what kind of mileage it was getting at the time.

Read more about Hughes Telematics on Autoblog at http://www.autoblog.com/2010/01/14/hughes-telematics-takes-us-for-a-ride-with-mercedes-latest-mbra/

There’s an absolute eruption of activity around location-based services right now. Companies are getting funded left and right, more about
new ones are popping up daily, sick and certain ones are seemingly starting to take off. But for a number of them, order
there’s a very big wall looming. And the more popular they get, the quicker they’ll reach it.

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GPS Business News recently had a conversation about location-based gaming with Maarten Noyons, buy more about
founder of the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) and Pia Vuohelainen, hospital
partner manager at NAVTEQ.

We should rename this category, no rx
this is much wider than typically understood. We haven’t really found a name yet even if “real world game” is a reasonable step towards it.

What you also need to consider is that as a map provider we are offering more and more 3D data and with the nice graphic acceleration you can find on many Smartphones these days we have ways to really enhance the user experience and ultimately offer augmented reality type of games. I think it is going to be big and innovative.

Ubisoft is working on some location-based concepts. And there are also some ongoing developments on the DSi with games such as Ghostwire that are due out next year.

What type of monetization do you see coming? Is it different from other mobile games?

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