Prepping for the Future of Fleet Management, GPS and Vehicle Telematics (Press Release)

ORLANDO, dosage Fla., tadalafil — CES is predicting that GPS will soon be so tightly integrated with field computers and smartphones that they will serve as the delivery mechanism for location tracking, sildenafil job dispatch and vehicle diagnostics data being transported to the fleet manager or dispatcher.

“The now lonesome, covert GPS tracking ‘black box’ installed in the vehicle will become a Bluetooth or WiFi enabled ‘telematics’ box communicating vehicle diagnostics and engine maintenance to the office, using the driver’s smartphone or wireless enabled field computer as the transportation mechanism,” said Pat Lohan, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “It is entirely possible that by 2013 this telematics box will be a standard feature on all new commercial vehicles purchased.”

To take advantage of this expected growth, CES is highlighting its recently released mobi911â„¢ software package, designed to transform in-field computer devices into intelligent fleet management productivity tools.

mobi911â„¢ can be installed on any Windows-compatible computer, netbook, portable hand terminal, smartphone or PDA device (Mobile, XP, Vista, Windows 7). It converts an existing or new computer device into an intelligent GPS location tracking, job/text dispatch and status vehicle tracking work tool. It also provides for driver-entered information. Instant bi-directional data direct communication is provided to the fleet manager/job dispatcher. iPhone, Android and BlackBerry compatibility are currently in development.

According to CES, mobi911â„¢ is device-independent; eliminates the need to use a separate GPS tracking device in the vehicle; eliminates a second expensive cellular airtime plan; supports handheld terminals, PDAs, smartphones, laptops and vertical market devices; and allows the user to continue to use their existing non-CES market specific software solution. It is also WiFi-compatible.

At the dispatch end, CES develops both a web-based and enterprise vehicle tracking and fleet management software. mobi911â„¢ can also be fully integrated with third-party software systems, including public safety, 911, transportation and service-specific software packages using the CES Application Programming Interface (API).

About CES Wireless: Established in 1974, CES Wireless is a manufacturer of integrated field data solutions, including GPS location services, asset tracking, security, fleet management and mobile information systems. Products and developed software operate over popular wireless services and provide seamless integration to third-party software systems through a published API.

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