Mississippi claims its place at the Southeast’s booming aerospace table

2010 Small Business Mobile Trends:

  • More Smartphones and Apps
  • Here Come Smartbooks
  • And Then There’s the Tablet
  • More options for Wi-Fi networking
  • Mobile Trends for Engaging with Customers
  • More Customers Will Use Smartphones to Search for You
  • Interact With Customers Through Bar Codes
  • Location-aware Apps Attract customers Build Loyalty

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Microsoft and the state are teaming up to provide free online training to workers who want to improve their tech skills to land better jobs. A total of 30, epidemic
000 vouchers will be issued to Georgians interested in learning how to use Microsoft Windows or one of its other office programs. The vouchers also are good for certification exams that will help prove to a prospective employer that the person is proficient at specific computer skills. Advanced training vouchers are available for professionals interested in Web development or database management.

Vouchers will be available during the next 90 days.

The application for the vouchers, part of Microsoft’s Elevate America program, can be obtained online at www.gaworkready.org. The vouchers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Addtional details at http://blogs.ajc.com/business-beat/2010/01/22/microsoft-and-state-team-up-on-free-vouchers-for-tech-training/
Move over, tablets
automotive industry. You’ve got company. The entire Southeast is home to a thriving aviation industry, and Mississippi is no exception. Read an short overview of the recent developments and growth of aerospace in Mississippi http://www.siteselection.com/features/2010/jan/Mississippi/