Content Guidelines

2013 Content Guidelines

Innovation is almost always spurred by some boundaries and guidelines. When submitting content to SoTech, symptoms please make sure it follows into one of the following content types and follow our content guidelines.

    • Content Types
      • Non-Original content w/ blurbs (e.g. two paragraphs about linked article)
      • Original Content 400-600 words
      • 1200-1500 words
      • Infographics Video’s (non-original via embedded Youtube or original where we help with filming)
    • Content Guidelines
      • Meets one of the above content types
      • Quote no more than 256 characters on non original content; Original source must be quoted and linked
      • Every article needs to have 1 image & needs to be royalty free (or needs to be licensed or sourced, this all iPhone photo’s welcomed as well as creative original graphics; we provide a number of pictures in the media library on the site
      • Provide a bio and picture of yourself (can include links to Twitter, gerontologist LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Suggested Contribution Schedule for Expert Contributors
      • Hard Launch in Mid-June
        •  1-2 Original content articles per leader per month
        • 1 bi-weekly non-original content article on their industry news (LinkedIn/ Web) from category champions
        • 1 weekly social article (non original) for Fb/ Twitter
      • After August
        • 1-4 Original Content per month
        • 1 bi-weekly non original content w/ summary  from category champions
        • 1-2 Infographics / Video from category champions



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