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What You Need to Know About Mobile Payment Devices

SoTech Leaders Q&A on Mobile Payment Devices with Jason Swenk of Payscape Advisors

SoTech: All the

What will your Software Sales Career look like when Bieber is 30?

There are a couple trends in the B2B tech world today that have picked up steam:

More and more companies are

Which technology stack should I choose to build my product?

This question is often asked by both business founders and software engineers when considering how best to position their companies or careers.  In

The Progressive Workplace Series – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”, is a common topic in many companies today.  Today’s focus is specifically on comm devices, as

The Emergence of Multi-Screen Content Services: A Path Toward Monetization

At present, in the US, there exists a delicate balance by TV programmers between satisfying MSOs (Multi-System Operators) with exclusive content and growing

Fast Company Announces Atlanta As The Next Technology Hub

It used to be, if you were serious about starting a tech company, you went to Silicon Valley. But emerging entrepreneurial hubs around

Tech Industry Adds 30,200 Jobs in 1st Half of 2010

Download the report (PDF)

Press Release:

Washington, DC (September 14, 2010) – TechAmerica Foundation today released a report based on U.S.

Ernst & Young Survey Shows Optimism and Hiring in Technology

The industries that are most likely to expect growth in both revenue and profits, according to the survey, are technology (74% revenue and 72% profitability), financial services and retail/wholesale (both 69% revenue and 63% profitability). Financial services companies report the highest average revenue growth rate (13%).

GM Launches Venture Arm In Attempt To Expand Automotive Tech

GM is launching General Motors Ventures with $100 million.  The doors on GM Ventures are set to open on July 1st,

French see Alabama as fertile business investment ground

Alabama and France have a healthy trade relationship, but Pascal Le Deunff would like to see it grow, he said Saturday during