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What You Need to Know About Mobile Payment Devices

SoTech Leaders Q&A on Mobile Payment Devices with Jason Swenk of Payscape Advisors

SoTech: All the

What will your Software Sales Career look like when Bieber is 30?

There are a couple trends in the B2B tech world today that have picked up steam:

More and more companies are

Why Do Startups Think Content is Expendable?

You got a great idea, you got some startup funding, your patents and trademarks got squared away, you developed the

The Progressive Workplace Series – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”, is a common topic in many companies today.  Today’s focus is specifically on comm devices, as

The Emergence of Multi-Screen Content Services: A Path Toward Monetization

At present, in the US, there exists a delicate balance by TV programmers between satisfying MSOs (Multi-System Operators) with exclusive content and growing

Worldwide Mobile Application Store Revenue $15 Billion in 2011

Free downloads are forecast to account for 81 percent of total mobile application store downloads in 2011. This percentage has been decreasing since the first launches in 2008, and Gartner estimates free downloads will continue to decrease in 2011, but it will increase again from 2012 through 2014. Users will begin paying for more applications as they perceive values in the concept of mobile applications, and they become more trustful of billing mechanisms.

Is your youth marketing strategy focusing on PAID or EARNED media?

Does your company sell directly to the youth market? Do you work with an enterprise platform to those selling to the youth market?

10 Mobile Trends Impacting Consumer Engagement

Rudy De Waele co-founder of dotopen, a social platform for decision makers to connect and collaborate, and a past member with us at

Appcelerator and IDC Predict Android to Top Apple’s iOS

This quarter, Appcelerator and IDC focused on answering the “Big Why” question and discovered more insight into Android’s strategic advantage with developers

How Oracle Might Kill Google’s Android

If you’ve been reading technology publications over the past few weeks, you have at least heard about Oracle suing Google for patent infringement