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Your detergent is spying on you!

Since a number of us who write for this blog have a background with Navigation / GPS technology, I thought I would post

NAVTEQ: The content and services behind navigation and GPS (video overviews)

These videos give a short overview of NAVTEQ, new spatial content and the location based services.

Have you thought about how the map

LivingSocial Raises $14M to Compete Against Groupon

LivingSocial continues its push in the social networking land-grab, with the completion of a Series C financing round worth $14 million.

Updated Best Practice Guidelines for Cross-carrier Mobile Advertising

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) updated its best practice guidelines for cross-carrier advertising (called mobile content by the industry group) in the United States –

Mobile and Location Based Advertising

Here are a few video overviews of mobile and location based advertising. As an extra value, the 2nd video contains a 30 minute

Google says local services “hugely important” to mobile future

Calling local services “hugely important” to the future of the mobile user experience, Google product SVP Jonathan Rosenberg said Thursday the digital services