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Startups: 5K or Ironman?

70.3 miles. That is a long way to swim, bike and run, and that’s only half of a 140.6 Ironman.

I completed my first

To Get Ahead, Improve Your Attitude

Is your attitude holding you back in your career? What benefits might you attract with a better attitude?

Whether you have

Servant Leadership for Next-Generation Leaders

What does Servant Leadership mean to you? Robert Greenleaf (founder of The Greenleaf Center of Servant Leadership) says that true leadership “emerges from

The Progressive Workplace Series – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”, is a common topic in many companies today.  Today’s focus is specifically on comm devices, as

To Get Ahead, Lose Your Tail

Many geckos and lizards have the ability to lose their tails. Most grow back a modified version of the original. Some

The Progressive Workplace Series: Are You Awesome?


I read an interesting “listicle” the other day called “12 Things Awesome Employees Do Before Noon”. As I was reading through

The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make

Here is a video from Harvard Business Review on the biggest mistakes a leader can make.

Through Imagining the Future of Leadership, a