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Great Example About Rethinking Your Business: Foursquare de-emphasizing check-ins to enter big data

Are you willing to completely revamp you’re current business model and user flow within an existing application? That’s exactly what Foursquare did

10 Mobile Trends Impacting Consumer Engagement

Rudy De Waele co-founder of dotopen, a social platform for decision makers to connect and collaborate, and a past member with us at

Smart Phones & After Market Device will Dominate LBS!

According to iSuppli, a marketing research firm, the usage of smart-phone-based and aftermarket on-board navigation systems will grow considerably in 2014 from

NAVTEQ: The content and services behind navigation and GPS (video overviews)

These videos give a short overview of NAVTEQ, new spatial content and the location based services.

Have you thought about how the map

Mobile and Location Based Advertising

Here are a few video overviews of mobile and location based advertising. As an extra value, the 2nd video contains a 30 minute

Finding Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere!!!

Just an observation, but talk about being on the grid,  Twitter notes, Seesmic Web, Foursquare, Gowalla,

EveryScape Raises Another $6 Million

Waltham Massachusetts: EveryScape, a start up which has built out an impressive set of 3D images for 20 cities, raised an additional

Microsoft Previews What’s Next for Bing Maps

New features coming to Microsoft’s search technology include integration with Flickr photos, support in Streetside views for ‘indoor panoramas,’ and real-time video overlay

Location, Location, Location: 5 Big Predictions for 2010

Predictions from Mashable:
1. Facebook Status Updates Will Become Location-Aware
2. A Popular LBS App Will Be Acquired
3. Twitter Will Build Their Own LBS app
4. Location Sharing Will Become Ubiquitous
5. Location Will Be Both Media Darling and Cautionary Tale

Do you agree with these? Where do you see major developments for location applications and services in 2010?