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Does Google Images Perpetuate Piracy? You Bet!

Imagine a world where after you found an image online you had been searching for, you couldn’t right click and “Save Image As”. Hard

Did Eric Schmidt Jump Or Was He Pushed?

Google’s Q4 2010 results look good, but the big story is the stepping down of Eric Schmidt. Did Eric Schmidt Jump Or

Appcelerator and IDC Predict Android to Top Apple’s iOS

This quarter, Appcelerator and IDC focused on answering the “Big Why” question and discovered more insight into Android’s strategic advantage with developers

How Oracle Might Kill Google’s Android

If you’ve been reading technology publications over the past few weeks, you have at least heard about Oracle suing Google for patent infringement

Oracle’s Suit Against Google Threatens Android

Google’s attorneys are quickly preparing a response to a suit filed by Oracle claiming that Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and other

Is Apple Bringing Mobile Payments To iPhone?

With the hiring of Benjamin Vigier and multiple recent patent filings, are we seeing Apple begin a push into mobile payments? What

Google Wave….Bye Bye!

According to Google, Google Wave will be saying adios in the next few months.  In a post filled with examples of Wave’s

Google helps you find a parking spot, maybe not!

Over the years a number of companies have tried, most unsuccessfully and so m e with limited success, to provide services

Google Voice…. I like it!

I have been using Google Voice for about the past three months, and even though the tool seems to  still need some work,

Can you add this to Google Apps!

Want to see more applications and features in Google App’s! Well so does Google, and whats even better they are letting us decide