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The Progressive Workplace Series – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”, is a common topic in many companies today.  Today’s focus is specifically on comm devices, as

Appcelerator and IDC Predict Android to Top Apple’s iOS

This quarter, Appcelerator and IDC focused on answering the “Big Why” question and discovered more insight into Android’s strategic advantage with developers

Oracle’s Suit Against Google Threatens Android

Google’s attorneys are quickly preparing a response to a suit filed by Oracle claiming that Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and other

157 App Stats You Need To Know

We’re pleased to offer a presentation, compiled by Mobile Entertainment magazine, with 157 different stats, taking in app stores, consumer usage, analyst predictions,

Sony Ericsson Bets Future on Android

Sony Ericsson posted €12 million profit for its Q2 2010 quarter, following a €213 million loss during the same quarter in 2009. Sales

Google helps you find a parking spot, maybe not!

Over the years a number of companies have tried, most unsuccessfully and so m e with limited success, to provide services