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How To Make Your Tech Staffing Vendors Successful

One thing I’ve learned through the years is finding GOOD talent is hard to do. Finding GREAT talent is even

The Progressive Workplace Series – All My People, Right Here, Right Now

I recently attended a business lunch in which a panel of VC/PE guys were discussing some of the criteria

Why Do Startups Think Content is Expendable?

You got a great idea, you got some startup funding, your patents and trademarks got squared away, you developed the

How Tennessee’s Southland Summit could topple SXSW

By Sarah Lacy On June 17, 2013God damnit. I hate to do this. I really, really hate to do this. But I have to hand it to Nashville. The city is suddenly doing a great job of being nationally relevant. Evidence of this seems to be popping up all around…

Why Now is a Good Time to Start a New Company

Have you been thinking of starting a new venture? Now may be the best time to start. If you hold out for better

Startups: 5K or Ironman?

70.3 miles. That is a long way to swim, bike and run, and that’s only half of a 140.6 Ironman.

I completed my first

Hacking the Perfect Office Accessory

How to guide to make a 8′ x 4′ white board for under $20 for your office. Perfect way to hack an office accessory for any company, corporation or startup.

Sideqik and Insightpool are growing Atlanta’s digital marketing hub

Atlanta has long been known as a hub for information security, financial and health care technology, but what’s next? AirWatch raising $200 million

The Dangerous Game for Startups: Assumptions

We’ve all heard the old saying, “you know what happens when you assume”. Well, we’ve used that saying many times when those around

Ready to Pitch ? Be sure you can Nail these four topics…

In today’s frenetic startup environment, any new company has countless things to consider every day: product development, recruiting the right team, defining your