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Coffee with Adam Ely, Co-Founder of Bluebox

November 17, 2014, by Christian Devlin

I had the pleasure of having coffee with Adam Ely in Atlanta on Wednesday, and wanted to

How To Make Your Tech Staffing Vendors Successful

One thing I’ve learned through the years is finding GOOD talent is hard to do. Finding GREAT talent is even

The Progressive Workplace Series – All My People, Right Here, Right Now

I recently attended a business lunch in which a panel of VC/PE guys were discussing some of the criteria

What You Need to Know About Mobile Payment Devices

SoTech Leaders Q&A on Mobile Payment Devices with Jason Swenk of Payscape Advisors

SoTech: All the

What will your Software Sales Career look like when Bieber is 30?

There are a couple trends in the B2B tech world today that have picked up steam:

More and more companies are

Ready to Pitch ? Be sure you can Nail these four topics…

In today’s frenetic startup environment, any new company has countless things to consider every day: product development, recruiting the right team, defining your

Beta Testers and Minimum Viable Product: An Important Connection

Beta Testers and Minimum Viable Product: An Important Connection

As we’ve grown the Orchid platform at G7, we’ve had a lot of

Which technology stack should I choose to build my product?

This question is often asked by both business founders and software engineers when considering how best to position their companies or careers.  In

Mobile Apps: Native or Web?

I had a discussion with a competitor recently and we found ourselves agreeing on the fact that it seemed like a no-brainer to

Product Development, Magical Thinking and the Zero-Sum Roadmap

We all suffer from too many “strategic” features and not enough resources. This is where prioritization and reevaluation come into place. It’s