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How To Hire A Digital Marketer

Our world is now digital, mobile, fast.  The more digital we become, the more channels there are to connect with people, the more

The Progressive Workplace Series – All My People, Right Here, Right Now

I recently attended a business lunch in which a panel of VC/PE guys were discussing some of the criteria

Why Do Startups Think Content is Expendable?

You got a great idea, you got some startup funding, your patents and trademarks got squared away, you developed the

Generate More Leads with B2B Social Media [Infographic]

The B2B companies that are making real gains in 2013 understand one thing – digital marketing and social is huge for B2B companies.

Sideqik and Insightpool are growing Atlanta’s digital marketing hub

Atlanta has long been known as a hub for¬†information security, financial and health care technology, but what’s next? AirWatch raising $200 million

Ready to Pitch ? Be sure you can Nail these four topics…

In today’s frenetic startup environment, any new company has countless things to consider every day: product development, recruiting the right team, defining your

Dissecting The Facebook IPO (Infographic)

“In a world that’s changing so quickly, you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t take any risks.” Mark Zuckerberg

As Facebook

Fortune 500 Social Media Statistics: Infographic

Go-Gulf.com has put together the infographic below to highlight the key social media statistics for the big corporate players.

Unsurprisingly Coca-Cola has

Social Media Listening 2.0 (whitepaper)

Listening 2.0: Leveraging Social Intelligence to Drive Business Results, a white paper from Converseon describes the trends in social media