Author Alex Avendano

am currently a product manager and strategist at Social Stategy 1, and founder at Grey Seven Labs. Prior to Social Strategy 1 and G7, I was the Director of Partner Engagement at the Stuzo Group, a leading Facebook application development company for Fortune 500 brands. At Stuzo, I worked to expand and lead the strategic partnerships of the company, focusing on sales and business development. Before discovering my passion for tech entrepreneurship at Stuzo, I had been a founding member of three startups and consulted for many others. Venturing into the entrepreneurial world at an early age, I opened Panosis, an enterprise similar to Geek Squad ™ today, while still in high school. During college, I developed Solid Foundation LLC, a consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs develop business plans and marketing strategies as well as building Henry A. Davidsen LLC, a custom clothing and image consulting firm.